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B9 - Daily Scrub
Geode - Jade
Congi - Leaps & Bounds
Teefreqs - Deeper Future
Icicle - Organicstep
Icicle - Need a Job
Mala - Miracles (Commodo Remix)
LAS & Mikael - Dem Break
Jack Dixon - Somebody Said
Blackleg - Shes Gone
Silkie & Von D - Snowed In
Wheelton - Modulate
LAS - Uuha
Coki - Dry Cry
Boxcutter - Philly

grit time

2:55 past evening, lights still blinking to the vibes of the beat
Hard to fall a asleep when your mind is too deep too steep  
For my pair of feet to ever reach the sea

Now I gotta know.. whos got the flow?
From the high class to your average joe 
Speaking slowly surely from the soul
Doesn’t matter if ya dirt poor or got the dough
When ya mixing words in a slur visuals are blurred 
Senses are diminished objectives can’t be finished 
Can’t complete my own sentence, can’t remember the proper verbs
gotta pick and choose a word that best describes my world 

From dusk to dawn, as I yawn from ripping bongs
Its time to lit a grit  to level my consciousness
waterfalls and aqueducts my pathways open up
reservoirs streaming as im constantly dreaming
cold cash and demons, a thousand theses
as i reach for the piece that gives me a sense of completeness




i’m smoking away all the problems decay
takin’ it slow when theres time to delay
never afraid to try to relate the pressure, emotions, and the mental state
and again, i’m late to slay the beast from the east as i speak in ease
while eating chinese for free, smoking trees for weeks
whether or not the weather seem sunny or bleak
neither strong or the weak, may truly rest in peace
hell of a session for the high that i seek
never will i dream a hopeful imagery 
take a knee for my niggas that bleed misery 
wasting the minutes of power it limits
keep pinching away like the men from the senate
oh granted each land engraved with cement 
the value declines a tenth of a percent
lament while i break some wine and bread 
to ensure my body and soul well fed
to endure the sorrow that was left unsaid
to infer the reason why i wish to be dead 

NEW UK DUBSTEP mix, i gotta stop changing my name
(free download)

Demon - Morning Glory
FNC - Imprinted
Blackleg - Blackline
Gantz - Lifebound
Dubtek - Menace
Jubei & J:Kenzo - Visions
Boot & TZR - Across Oceans
Goth Trad - Anti-Grid
LAS - Daggers
LAS - Blood
De Niro - Midnight Blue
TRG - Killed It Dead (Emalkay Remix)
N-Type - Way of The Dub (Caspa Remix)
Truss - Osbasten (Tessela Remix)
The Bug & Killa. P & Flowdan - Skeng (Kode9 Remix)
B9 - De Piano
Headhunter - Baseflow

no thanks

i remember the time when i used to unwind
kickin it back as a limo drives by
stopped as i coughed from the toking and choking 
my lungs anointed  the holiest potion 
odd proportions of colors and shapes
slip on my cape then soon fly away
never look back when life decays
progress in motion to constant delay
faces contorted mission aborted
perception inverted my faith distorted
drinking milk tea by gallons with ease
drinking dirt water when i cant afford it
trippin’ aint listenin’ to none of your shit
the stupidest things to ever exist
no thanks to your bullshit left me crippled and twisted
in short it made first place on my list


new mix, from your one and only

DJ Chap - Stolen Cats
Roni Size - New Forms (Machinedrum Edit)
Crystal Water - Gypsy Woman (Seablaze Remix)
Holygrailers - Black
DJ Chap - A Night (In Barcelona)
Symbiotic Sounds - Congo Bongo
Desto - Bonus Cave
Addison Groove & Sam Binga - Rzor
Fracture & Dawn Day Night - Get Busy
Slick Shoota - Rasta
Ventah - Shot
M-Beat & General Levy - Incredible (Sideswipe Edit)
DJ Chap - Citysville
Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Machinedrum Edit)

Lakim - Future Bounce

Fracture & Neptune - Clissold (Machinedrum VIP)

massive tune

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